About us

The company was set-up in 1975, currently having as its corporate name ROBORTELLA E PERES SOCIEDADE DE ADVOGADOS, which congregates both managing partners, Luiz Carlos Amorim Robortella, founder currently working for the company, and Antonio Galvão Peres, renowned in the corporate labor counseling.

Managing Partners – academic background

In renowned national and foreign publications, Robortella and Peres are always respectfully mentioned. In Análise Advocacia, the firm has been present since the first edition.

Both have a doctor’s degree approved by public examination at the Law College of the University of São Paulo and work as undergraduate and graduate professors, lecturers and speakers in national and international events.

Robortella was a volunteer professor at the Law School of USP, Professor of Law and Labor Procedure at Mackenzie Law School and FAAP Law School. He is a member of the Brazilian Academy of Labor Law, the Ibero-American Academy of Labor Law, the Legal Council and the Higher Council for Labor Relations of FIESP.

Peres was a professor of Labor Law at the Law School of FAAP, of the graduate courses at FAAP, PUC-COGEAE and GV-LAW. He is currently a professor in the Graduate Program in Agribusiness Law at IBDA, in the INSPER Agribusiness Law Course, he was President of the Labor Law Commission of IASP and is a member of the Higher Council for Labor Relations of FIESP.

Robortella has been writing and giving lectures in national and international events on various topics for over 45 years, with an emphasis on modernizing and rationalizing labor relations. He published, both individually and as a co-author, over 50 books and about 260 articles in Brazilian and foreign magazines.

Peres published two works on the international labor agreement and international jurisdiction, which are quite up-to-date in view of new technologies and capital mobility, which, added to the Coronavirus pandemic, produce increasing transnationalization of workers. In addition, he is the author of dozens of articles and co-authored collective works.

Both regularly participate as examining board members of public and private law schools.

Participation in Study Groups

Robortella was part of the Permanent Commission on Social Law of the Department of Labor until the end of the Fernando Henrique Cardoso term of office, producing suggestions for constitutional and ordinary rules.

Both actively participated in the 2017 labor reform in meetings with authorities, lectures and press articles. Peres served in public hearings in the Federal Senate and in the House of Representatives, in Brasília.

In 2019 they became part of a working group created by the Department of Economics (GAET) to elaborate proposals for constitutional and infra-constitutional reform of the labor regulations.

Counsel and litigations

The firm has clients from different industry segments, banks, services and agribusiness.

The partners Robortella and Peres work directly, with the critical support of the partner Juliana Scalissi Martins for complex cases and team coordination, in defense strategy and intellectual work. They prepare theses, memorials and orally defend clients’ defense before the courts, including the Superior Labor Court and the Supreme Federal Court, in cases of greater legal complexity and economic importance.

Counsel is a field of strong action for simple and complex issues of companies through legal and strategic opinions.

At the recommendation of law firms, Robortella and Peres, with strict neutrality and academic approach, write legal opinions on theses discussed in judicial and extrajudicial proceedings.

The firm has, in counsel and strategic litigation of medium/high complexity, the core of its strategic planning.


The partners are specialized attorneys with sound legal background. Supported by interns recruited from good law schools, they keep up-to-date and convey knowledge through meetings, case studies and periodic workshops.

Clients are served in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish languages.

The computerized library ensures access to legislation, jurists and caselaw. Its collection gathers approximately 4.300 national and foreign books and journals.

The Legal Controllership sector offers reports, risk assessment, contingency estimation and information critical to manage conflicts and clients’ portfolios.

Clients are served in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish languages.

Areas of expertise

Actions and defenses before all levels of jurisdiction of the Labor Court: Labor Courts, Regional Labor Courts, Superior Labor Court, as well as the Supreme Federal Court.

Collective and trade union law conflicts, including negotiations with trade unions and other entities.

Administrative and extrajudicial litigation, with defenses and resources with the Department of Economics (Social Security and Labor Office) and other public or private institutions.

Counsel and opinions.

The firm aims to improve the standard of work relationships and protect productive investment against arbitrary and abusive acts through practical, quick and effective solutions that reduce the impacts of conflicts on business activity.

  • Integrity and transparency with the highest standards of ethics and honesty;
  • Teamwork with responsibility respect and reliability;
  • Technical excellence through a high degree of professionalism and efficient partnership with clients;
  • Focus on results;
  • Management based on meritocracy.
What they say about us

“Employment boutique Robortella e Peres Sociedade de Advogados has established itself as one of the leading specialist firms in the market. The full-service employment offering is overseen by a roster of highly experienced partners, including Luiz Carlos Amorim Robortella, who has been active in the market for over 45 years. The practice stands out for its experience in high-value claims, including complex individual lawsuits, class actions and collective labour claims, several of which go to the Supreme Court.” “Luis Carlos Amorim Robortella is one of the best. A very good boutique with a good pipeline of work.” Legal 500 | 2021

“Luiz Carlos Amorim Robortella is “widely admired” for his leading practice in employment relations and labour markets and is a top name in the Brazilian market.” Who’s Who Legal | 2020

“Antonio Galvão Peres advises across a range of sectors on sophisticated labour law matters including collective and individual actions.” Who’s Who Legal | 2020

THE LEGAL 500 2024

In The Legal 500, Robortella e Peres Advogados have been deemed one of the most admired Brazilian practices in its area of expertise (Labor Law).

The Robortella e Peres Advogados Law Firm was ranked as “Leading” in the Labor Litigation 2024 category and as “Excellent” in the Labor Counsel 2024 category.

Founding partner Luiz Carlos Amorim Robortella is the highlight in the LACCA Approved 2024 edition, being recognized as one of the main lawyers in Latin America.

Founding Partner Luiz Carlos Amorim Robortella and managing partner Antonio Galvão Peres were featured by the publication Who’s Who Legal – Labour & Employment.

Recommended Firm – Labor
Luiz Carlos Amorim Robortella, Antonio Galvão Peres and Juliana Scalissi Martins Gaspar were the highlights.

The Elite Law Firm
Luiz Carlos Amorim Robortella – Senior Statespeople
Antonio Galvão Peres – Ranked Lawyer

The firm has received frequent noteworthy mention in the labor area, as well as its partners Luiz Carlos Amorim Robortella and Antonio Galvão Peres.

Our partner Juliana Scalissi Martins Gaspar was recognized by ANÁLISE ADVOCACIA MULHER 2022 as one of the most admired female lawyers in the country.

In 2021, Robortella e Peres was chosen as the best labor law firm among the nine finalists of Brazil’s Legal Summit, organized by the Leaders.

First place in Teleworking Best Practices – Law Firm Category.

Third place in Teleworking Best Practices – Law Firm Category.

Robortella e Peres recognized by CESA with the Gender Equity seal 2023 – Noteworthy mention Category.
Code of Conduct
Our values are integrity, ethics, and transparency. We believe that a more balanced and fairer world is built based on good faith and honesty.
Independent Auditor
Our financial statements undergo independent audit review. Noteworthy mention to the TATICCA Auditors opinion relating to 2020: “We have analyzed the financial statements of Robortella Advogados, (“Firm”), which includes the balance sheet for the period ending on December 31, 2020, and respective financial statements, consolidated results, changes to shareholders’ equity and cash flows for the period ending on the aforementioned date, as well as corresponding footnotes, including the summary of the main accounting policies. We believe that the above-mentioned financial statements duly represent, in all relevant aspects, Robortella Advogados equity and financial position on December 31, 2020, the company’s operating results and cash flow for fiscal year ending on the aforementioned date, according to accounting practices adopted in Brazil.”
One of our principles is the rational use of natural resources. Accordingly, 100% of our lawsuits are scanned, in order to mitigate the use of paper. In addition, we use management processes that consider cultural diversity, ecologic concern and economic feasibility.